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10 Inch Tablets Other Than Microsoft are Better

10 inch tablets, 10 Inch Tablets Other Than Microsoft are Betterdsadmin September 4, 2019
10 inch tablets, 10 Inch Tablets Other Than Microsoft are Better

Most of the people who are switching from laptops and PC to tablets, prefer to buy some 10 inch tablets. 10 inch tablets are becoming popular among laptop users because it is easy to carry and have longer battery time than a laptop. And the best thing is that you have various other features like free apps, customization, ease of use, etc.

When this switching trend was new, most of the people used to prefer 10 inch tablets with Microsoft operating system because they weren’t ready to accept an entirely different environment. And the second reason was that applications they are used to working with were not available in other operating systems like iOS and Android. But now the situation is entirely different, and you can finally choose a tablet other than Microsoft.

Android the Best Choice

If you want to say goodbye to your laptop finally and want to get some 10 inch tablets even for your office working, I must say you have made a smart choice. It’s the age of smart devices, and your laptop doesn’t match to this age. You must use smart devices like smartphones or tablets, even for routine work. And one thing more, Microsoft is no longer a smart choice in terms of operating systems because it wasn’t made for smart devices. You must choose tablets other than Microsoft and what can be a better choice than an Android tablet?

Android offers millions of free apps that you can download from the Google PlayStore. The most needed thing is definitely the Office Suite which may have some Word Processor, Spreadsheet Solution, and Presentation Making App. So, the good news is that you can get all these basic office apps in Android tablets. Google itself offers these apps free of cost, and good thing is that these are cloud-based. So, in case you lose your tablet, your files will not be lost at all. Other apps that you may need are Calendar, Task Scheduling app, Skype, Internet Browsers, Games and other utilities. Google PlayStore has all these apps rather plenty of them to choose from. Choose the best and do the best in your professional life with your 10 inch tablets.

10 inch tablets, 10 Inch Tablets Other Than Microsoft are Better

iOS is Not the Less

The second best choice in your 10 inch tables is obviously iOS tablets, i.e. iPad. iPad has faster processing, and it offers longer battery timing as compared to Android. One more thing that makes it the best choice is the security feature. iPad and all the Apple devices are considered to be more secure than Android devices. Your data is safe with an Apple device even if the device is lost, and your data will not go in the wrong hands.

The only thing that makes iOS 10 inch tablets the second choice after Android is the number of apps. Apps are limited, especially free apps. Most of the time, you have to pay for even a basic app else you will have to see the teasing ads every time you use the app for free.

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