Full Specifications of Amazon Fire 7

Many of us look for an inexpensive little tablet, which offers high performance and a much better battery life. But it is important to review the specifications and the performance offered by a tablet carefully before buying it. We have...

  • October 19th, 2016
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Best Tablets to Gift your Kid for Halloween

Halloween is just round the corner and you might be searching for gifts for your younger ones. As we live in a technologically advanced world today, tablets would be the most remarkable thing you could gift them. Here are some...


Making Good Use of Old Tablets

Your old tablets are not good enough for your daily use anymore, and are not valuable to trade or sell on eBay. This does not mean that you have to throw them into the trash. There are many things that...


Full Specification of Amazon Fire HD 6

Amazon Fire HD 6 is the smallest tablet from Amazon. However, this exceptional gadget is undoubtedly far better than the previous Amazon tablet models. The device is perfect for high definition games and videos, and is available at a cheap...