Why Should you Buy a Refurbished Tablet

Pricing factor is one of the major reasons why many people prefer refurbished tablets. It is a fact that buying a refurbished tablet would be a lot cheaper than buying a fresh tablet, but there are many factors that need...

  • January 27th, 2017
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iPad Air 3 Features and Specs

Devices from Apple Inc always lead to excitement among users, not just when they are released, but even at the development stages. iPads were notably missing in the announcements from Apple Inc for some time, but it is rumored that...


How to Get Rid of Touchscreen Issues on your Tablet

We all might have experienced issues with the touchscreen display of our tablets at some point. Swiping, tapping, or zoom pinching on the screen will not work and the display will refuse to respond to your touches. All this can...


Getting Rid of Google Play Store Crashing Issues in your Tablet

If you are an Android tablet user, you may experience many issues with the device, even though the operating system is much reliable and stable. Luckily, many of the common issues can be solved in a few simple steps. Google...