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3 New Messaging Features in iOS for iPad Users

ipads, apple products, 3 New Messaging Features in iOS for iPad Usersdsadmin November 29, 2017
ipads, apple products, 3 New Messaging Features in iOS for iPad Users

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The app developers and designers of Apple have spent a quality amount of their time and put in additional efforts to add exciting new features to the iOS messaging app. You simply cannot deny the fact that the latest iOS 11 update of Apple has dramatically improved the Messages app on both iPad and iPhone devices, yet the app still looks pretty much the same as that of its predecessor.

iPad users who wish to make use of the newly introduced features on the Message app in their iOS device will initially need to update the app to the latest available version. Some of the best features of the iOS Messages app that will certainly offer you a better messaging experience on your iPad are as follows.

New App Picker

It is a fact that the iMessage app features were hidden to users and they were not that easy to access and use in the last operating system update of Apple (iOS 10). On the other hand, iPad users will be able to find an app dock on the bottom of their screen when they open a conversation in iOS 11. In addition to that, users can find many more apps by simply scrolling to the left. If you wish to open any one of these apps, then all you need to do is to tap on its icon.

New Screen Effects

The new iMessage screen effects are fun animated backgrounds that help iPad users to easily add a touch of flair to their texts. You can use the new Echo option to bombard receivers with multiple message bubbles that contain your message. On the other hand, the Spotlight option adds highlights to your text to convey that the text is extremely important. This will help you to easily grab the attention of the reader.

Apple Pay

Apple believes that the integration of Apple Pay Cash with the iMessage app of iOS will make online transactions a lot more simple and convenient. This will enable iPad users to send and receive Apple Pay Cash to and from your friends with the help of the built-in iMessage app, which works pretty much similar to Venmo and Square Cash. However, it is significant to note that Apple has not yet finalized this feature.

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