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5 Cool Features of iPad Air 2

, 5 Cool Features of iPad Air 2dsadmin February 17, 2017
, 5 Cool Features of iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 was released by Apple in 2014, but the device is still a favorite of many Apple fans. This tablet from Apple offers many cool features to the users, and this is why the device is still popular among the users. iPad Air 2 is in much demand in the refurbished tablets market also. Let us look into the details of some of the coolest features of this iPad edition from Apple that makes it much popular among the users.

Touch ID                                     

The fingerprint recognition system of the device is very accurate that many other models in the market. This feature not only allows users to unlock the device, but also helps to make payments with Apple Pay with a tap. However, the latter feature is available only in the supported apps.

Less Reflective Display

Older iPad display had three different components, the LCD panel, a touch sensor layer, and the cover glass to protect the complete system. However, Apple switched it up with the iPad Air 2. The device has a gapless and fully laminated display. This means that the LCD display of the iPad will be as close to the eyes of the user as possible.

The best part is that the display has an anti reflective coating that “reduces glare by 56 percent.” This coating will make it easier to work outdoors and under bright lights.

Slim Built

The device has a thickness of 6.1 mm and is superlight. iPad Air 2 weighs under a pound, although it houses improved cameras and the A8X processor. This processor is very powerful and makes the device very fast. The iPad also offers up to ten hours of battery life.

The Processor

As said, the iPad Air 2 device is powered by the A8X processor from Apple, which includes 3 billion transistors. This processor will improve both the visual and performance of the device. This CPU is forty percent faster than the A7 processor that powered the previous models of iPad. In addition, the processor improves graphics processing and rendering by 2.5X.

Improved Cameras

Both the cameras of the device offer great images. The iSight camera has an 8-megapixel sensor that can record 1080p HD video. It is an improvement from the 5-megapixel camera as included in its predecessor iPad Air device.

The FaceTime camera is also improved, but is capable of capturing images at 1.2-megapixels, but the addition of an extra sensor and the A87 processor will help to reduce noise to offer clearer and bright FaceTime videos.