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5 Reasons to Choose a Tablet over a Smartphone

Best deal, 5 Reasons to Choose a Tablet over a Smartphonedsadmin June 18, 2019
Best deal, 5 Reasons to Choose a Tablet over a Smartphone

Best deal, 5 Reasons to Choose a Tablet over a SmartphoneWhat gives you the best deal for your money: a tablet or a smartphone? Honestly, a tablet offers you better value for your money. If you are not convinced, we are giving you five reasons that will explain why tablets are better than smartphones.

They are Affordable

If you want to choose between a tablet and smartphone, choose a tablet because they are less expensive. Apart from costing about the same as a smartphone, tablets have the same features and components as them.

Tablets are known for being more affordable than the leading smartphones. If you want to cut smartphone costs, these are an excellent choice. In some cases, smartphones cost twice as much as tablets even if they have the same specs. Therefore, tablets offer a better price to performance ratio. Tablets offer the best deal for your money.

Better Gaming

If you play the same game on a smartphone and a tablet, you will notice that the tablet offers a better gaming experience. Yes tablets are small screened, but they are a bit larger as compared to a smartphone.

However, the issue is a smartphone is unable to complement the stunning graphics and engaging atmosphere of modern games. If you are looking for an immersive gaming experience, you should choose a tablet gaming experience over a smartphone. Tablets can put smartphones to shame when it comes to gaming.

Best deal, 5 Reasons to Choose a Tablet over a Smartphone

A Better Battery Life

Tablets give smartphones a run for their money when it comes to battery life. Sometimes, they can also put laptops to shame when it comes to battery life. Smartphones are facing issues when it comes to offering a sufficient battery life. It wouldn’t be wrong to say tablets give you the best deal when it comes to battery life.

Yes, tablets don’t last forever, but people try to push them beyond their limits. When you use your battery jumping between apps, your battery will drain in just a matter of hours. So you need to mind the apps you use.

Better for Reading

Tablets have bigger screens as compared to smartphones. This makes them excellent for content consumption. These are excellent e-readers. If you are a reader, and you like to spend hours reading articles, e-books, and novels in a comfortable and relaxed environment. The issue is that smartphones are not immersive enough because their screen size is small, and their batteries have a short life span.

Tablets give you the best deal for your money.  If you are a reader, tablets are the second-best option other than books.

Tablets are More Productive

Before we say anything else, your definition of productivity plays an important role here. If you believe calls and texting is productivity, then you will be fine with a smartphone. If you want to do real work like compose music, create a document or create a video, then a tablet will serve you better. These have the same components, but tablets have better heat distribution and cooling, which helps it to handle demanding apps better.


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