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7 solid reasons why you should choose Android over iOS

cheap windows tablet, 7 solid reasons why you should choose Android over iOSdsadmin December 16, 2019
cheap windows tablet, 7 solid reasons why you should choose Android over iOS

Looking for a cheap windows tablet? We can surely help you in getting one! Today we are going to talk about getting cheap tablets and why is it important that you do a little study before making a purchase. Don’t worry, we are not talking about the technical study, but rather we are talking about the choice you have to make between using the android or IOS tablet. This decision can be tough and easy at the same time if you know your requirements and feel which operating system suits you best. So stay tuned and read the article till the end so that you can make a decision before getting a cheap windows tablet.

Android as the best decision!

While talking about making decisions in tablet purchasing, most of the people go for android. You must be shocked to know that us of the percentage   of people who use smart gadgets around the world almost 80% of them are android users. Not only that android has more production because it has more manufacturers. And the biggest feature that android has it is extremely user-friendly and you do whatever you want on your android device. So let us get started with the main idea and talk about how android is better than iOS system.

User-Friendly Interface!

Unlike IOS, Android is extremely user-friendly as we already told you above. If you have an android device, you can look for whatever you want and do whatever feels comfortable. iPhone or iOS devices, on the other hand, are not user-friendly and they get yourself into complexities which a lot of people don’t enjoy!

cheap windows tablet, 7 solid reasons why you should choose Android over iOS

Freedom of downloads!

If you have used the IOS device, then you will understand this point. A person using IOS cannot download whatever he likes by just pressing the download button; rather he has to go to proper setup and series of questions and passwords which is a very negative point iOS system. Android, on the other hand, has the complete freedom of downloading whatever you want and wherever you want without any concerns by the operating system.

Web browsing and surfing!

You must also know that if you have an android device, you can easily browse and download whatever you want and it will be accessible to you in your default applications, IOS, on the other hand, is not capable of making downloads directly from the web and this is a very negative point of the operating system.

Costi ng!

Apple devices are usually expensive and annoying whereas android devices come in a variety of models, and you can purchase a new phone in the budget that you desire. So this is a big plus in favor of android phones. Manufacturers are producing models according to the needs of their customers, but Apple, on the other hand, has limited models and a high price range which is again a very negative point. So if you are looking for cheap windows tablet then think again and don’t buy the cheap windows tablet instead you should go for android.

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