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Android Tablet Users will Soon be Able to Use YouTube TV

Android Tablets, Bulk Tablets, Android Tablet Users will Soon be Able to Use YouTube TVdsadmin October 16, 2017
Android Tablets, Bulk Tablets, Android Tablet Users will Soon be Able to Use YouTube TV

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the immensely popular YouTube TV app has finally earned support for Android tablets. The official confirmation about the same was made quietly a few days earlier through the official YouTube TV Twitter account.
However, neither the officials from YouTube TV app nor any of the Android tablet designers have shared any more information regarding this. Yet, it is safe to say that a major proportion of Android tablet users across the globe will be able to access the YouTube TV Android app soon and watch the contents on offer with ease.
It is hard to clarify whether this new feature will be available to all Android tablets, as there is very limited information about the arrival of YouTube TV app. Moreover, as YouTube TV is only available in some cities, the location of Android tablet users will also play a crucial role in determining whether they will be able to use this new feature on their tablet or not.

Before you start using or subscribing to this service, you will need to make sure of two things. Firstly, you will have to give it a try – download and install the app on your tablet and check whether you are able to use it. Secondly, you need to ensure that the service is available in your location. YouTube and Google had recently announced that they have expanded the service to over eight new markets and reports indicate that they will be targeting more markets by the end of this year.

YouTube TV is actually Google’s latest effort to lure in more cord cutters to their offerings by offering them an excellent alternative option to watch live TV, TV shows, movies, sports contents, and more. So, technically, this new service from YouTube is almost similar to online streaming services such as PlayStation Vue, DirecTV Now, Hulu Live TV, etc.

Users can subscribe to the YouTube TV service for just $35 a month, which seems like a good deal. The developers who designed the Android app of YouTube TV are hopeful that the app will become immensely popular among tablet users, as the app allows them to easily access their favorite video contents simultaneously on multiple devices at an affordable price.

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