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Apple Launches a New Model of iPad Pro

iPad, Wholesale Tablets, Apple, Apple Launches a New Model of iPad Prodsadmin July 25, 2017
iPad, Wholesale Tablets, Apple, Apple Launches a New Model of iPad Pro

The iPad Pro tablet from Apple, launched approximately two years ago, was originally designed as a replacement for PC. The iPad Pro from Apple had an excellent 12.9-inch screen but the downfall was that the size of the tablet made it a little uncomfortable for use. However, Apple was determined to overcome the issue and they did launch a smaller version of the iPad Pro tablet with a 9.7-inch display. However, that iPad Pro version was discontinued after a while.

Now, Apple has decided to take another crack at their iPad Pro line by introducing the latest model with a screen size of 10.5 inches. Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5, that went on sale a few weeks ago, contains an improved screen, slimmer design, and a power boost. These attributes make the iPad Pro 10.5 one of the best tablets ever launched by Apple.

While the iPad and iPad Mini tablets from Apple were easy to use tablets for reading eBooks, playing games, and watching videos, the iPad Pro tablets were designed as a replacement for laptops and PCs. So, if you are after a reliable tablet for work and business related needs, the latest Apple iPad Pro 10.5 would be your best bet. Below are the specifications of the iPad Pro 10.5.


Just like smartphones, the screen size of most iPad devices is increasingly growing. Even though users did not accept the 12.9-inch screen iPad Pro from Apple, they seem really content with the 10.5-inch screen size of the latest model of iPad Pro. What’s more, iPad Pro 10.5 is easily portable yet big enough to type long documents or watch high-end videos on.


Apple has not just changed the screen size of the tablet but they have also made numerous exciting alterations to the display feature of the iPad. One of the newly introduced display features in the latest model of the iPad Pro doubles the refresh rate of the screen to 120 Hz. This means that minimizing apps and scrolling down web pages is silky smooth and easier on the iPad Pro 10.5.


The officials from Apple recently announced that the A10X chip used in the latest iPad Pro device is approximately 30 percent faster than the chip in earlier iPad Pro models. They also added that the latest tablet also offers 40 percent better graphics performance than older models without sacrificing the battery life. The battery life of Apple’s iPad Pro 10.5 is roughly 10 hours on standby.