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If you want to watch Netflix or HDR content, we are giving you the best deal tablet you can find. These tablets have an excellent display and can easily play HDR content no matter their price or size.

  • Apple iPad Pro (3rd Gen)

We are talking about the 10-inch version. Its time Apple made a tablet that is capable of replacing your laptop, just like Microsoft did. It sure offered some improvements, but it didn’t compel people to leave their laptops. There are some restrictions thanks to iOS. It should have used the macOS. However, it does support HDR.

This is the best deal tablet which offers excellent display if you want to stream content, Netflix, or otherwise. 

  • Apple iPad Pro (2nd Gen)

If you want the premium tablet experience from Apple but you are unstable to afford the latest iPad Pro then you might as well buy the 2nd Generation iPad Pro. There are some downgrades, but the price range is quite affordable. Apple did integrate HDR before the 3rd generation and kudos to them.

It’s the best deal tablet overall. You are getting excellent performance, reliability, and cutting-edge features, only second to some of the recent premium tablets. If you are in the market for something premium, you might as well check this.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The successor of Tab S3, the S4, does mean business. It’s the best deal tablet for entertainment and general use. It makes good use of DeX and is a rather productive tablet. It has a stunning display that is capable of playing HDR content. This is perhaps one of the best tablets’ Android has to offer. It has everything you will expect, S-Pen support, and excellent keyboard support. There are a few issues; the DeX doesn’t support every app available on Google deal tablet, Best Tablets that Support HDR Movies

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S5E

The more affordable brother of Tab S4. It’s a super-slim and Super AMOLED display. Unlike other HDR tablets that are introduced at Premium price, this was a midrange tablet. It still an excellent device considering everything. The Best deal tablet features a 10.5 inch with 1600×2560 pixel resolutions. The tablet has a sleek and thin chassis which packs a Snapdragon 670 processor and pairs it with 6GB RAM.  The battery can last easily two days of use. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

If you want to watch HDR content but money is an issue for you, then you are better off with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. The S3 didn’t enjoy any improvement over the years, quite contrary to the smartphone of the same name. It did give the iPad Pro a tough run for its money. Its still one of the best deal tablets. 

The AMOLED Screen is still stunning the S Pen comes included in the box. It’s a sleek design that is reliable enough to last for years.

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