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Don’t Disturb on Android

How to Activate Do Not Disturb While Driving on Android?

Using your phone while driving is not good because it can increase the chances of an accident. For this reason, […]

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android and iOS

5 Best USB-C Game Controllers for Android

With these tablets, you can connect your game controllers. These game controllers will help you to play your favorite games.  […]

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Android Devices

Remove Crappy Adware Apps from Android Devices

Remember, each android device comes with crappy adware apps. wholesale computer tablets users have more than 42 adware filled apps. […]

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Android Devices

5 Best Compass App for Android Users

Do you want to utilize compass applications on your device? You will need compass apps that use accelerometer of your device […]

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cheap tablets wholesale

6 Best Voicemail Apps for Android

Voicemails may seem old, but these have an essential place in the current era. You can download voicemail apps and […]

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What is Google Keep, and how it works?

Take advantage of “Google Keep.” It is a simple and easy note-taking app by Google. This app is available on […]

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7 inch android tablet

How android 10 allows you to record screen with built-in features?

Feel free to buy the 7 inch android tablet with an affordable price. An android 10 permits you to record screen […]

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cheapest Android tablet

How to buy a Macbook on Cyber Monday or Black Friday

Have you embarked upon the journey to buy the cheapest Android tablet? Well, the best approach is to get hold […]

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Android OS or iOS

Which One is a Better OS for Your Tablet – Android or iOS?

Previously we were getting a lot of feedback and queries from our readers about the different types of tablets and […]

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Android phone or Tablet


The quality and functioning of android gadgets are really satisfying for users. The prices of android gadgets also impress the […]

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