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Check out the Differences between iPad and Android Tablet

Tablets Wholesale Price, Wholesale Tablet, Check out the Differences between iPad and Android Tabletdsadmin February 7, 2017
Tablets Wholesale Price, Wholesale Tablet, Check out the Differences between iPad and Android Tablet

Are you planning to buy a tablet? Then check out the differences between iPad and Android tablets highlighted below, and decide which one is best for you.

Though all tablets are portable computing devices with a touch screen display, there are many specifications that make one model different from the other. Besides that, in order to get maximum use of your tablet, you need to have a good internet connection as well.

The major difference between iPad and Android tablets is that iPads run on iOS, where as Android tablets run on Google’s Android platform. Unlike iPad, which is a proprietary Apple product, Android tablets can be from different manufactures.

iPads do not support shockwave videos or Flash, which is a popular software to run online video files. As you cannot install Flash plugin in iPad externally either, you won’t be able to stream online content that need Flash to decode the file. However, as Android tablets support shockwave videos and Flash, streaming online videos won’t be a hassle here.

Up until iOS 4, iPad cannot operate multiple apps at the same time; that is, while using one app, another app cannot run in the background. However, at the same time, Android tablets are capable of multitasking. Yet again, iPads have an easy to understand user interface that makes it an ideal choice for many app developers and users. Because of the deep integration of the Twitter and Facebook with iOS, it is easier to use social networking sites using iPad.

Apple store has more than 750,000 downloadable apps. Each app is checked and approved by the Apple before they are released into App Store, thus preventing bugs or malware from getting into your device. Android tablets also have a few compatible apps on Google Play, but they are not pre-checked before releasing, and thus anyone can release a faulty Android app.

It is not possible to expand the memory of iPad using micro-SD cards, and it does not have any card slots or USB ports. In order to expand your storage space, you will have to use an external drive that can use Wi-Fi and Apple’s Lightning port to connect. Android tablets, on the other hand, can be customized to your choice with micro-SD memory cards, but that too depends on the make and model of the device.