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How to Disable Autocorrect and Predictive Text Feature on your Android Tablet

dsadmin October 18, 2017

While typing on Android tablets, most of us will become frustrated with the autocorrect and predictive text feature operating in the background. It can actually hamper the speed by which we type and result in adding words that we never expect to include in the typed text. However, the customizable features of Android allow you to alter the settings depending upon your preferences.

Disabling the autocorrect and predictive text feature is much easier on your tablet. However, it is better to customize these settings right after you have purchased a new device from Wholesale Tablets. This will enable you to use the typing feature in your device hassle-free after buying. Described below is how to disable the autocorrect and predictive text feature on your Android tablet.

Disabling Autocorrect and Predictive Text

To disable autocorrect on your tablet, open the Settings app and then scroll downwards. Open Languages & Input and under the Keyboard and Input Methods tab, select Virtual keyboard. After this is opened, select Android Keyboard and tap on Text Correction. Toggle the button next to Auto-Correction to the Off position. For disabling predicting text, scroll down the Text Correction window further and toggle the Next-Word Suggestions to its Off position.

Customizing Gesture Typing Settings

Gesture typing is yet another feature that you can enable or disable depending on your preferences. It is a feature that allows you to type words by just sliding over the words on the keyboard. This will provide you with quicker means to type text. You can disable this feature if you feel convenient using the normal typing method.

This option is located under the Android keyboard settings, which you can easily disable by toggling the Enable Gesture Typing button to Off. In addition, disable the Show Gesture Trail and Phrase Gesture for completely turning off this feature on your tablet.

Adding Words to Personal Dictionary

After disabling the autocorrect and predictive text feature on your device, you can customize the typing settings and dictionary. You can use the Personal Dictionary option located in Text Correction to add your own familiar words and phrases into the device. This will help you in typing faster with the least possibility of mistakes. You can also add a shortcut for typing out the word, which is helpful if you are compiling long sentences.

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