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How to Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience on Computer?

used computer lots for sale, How to Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience on Computer?dsadmin September 6, 2019
used computer lots for sale, How to Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience on Computer?

Do you want to enhance your gaming experience? You will need special gaming computer. It is easy to buy it from used computer lots for saleA gaming computer is necessary for experts and novices. Without a personal computer, it can be difficult for you to play heavy games. If you can’t afford expensive gaming laptops, consider used machines. Moreover, some other options are available to enhance your gaming experience. See these things to improve your experience.

Gaming Mode in Windows 10

If you want to play games, get the advantage of Windows 10. An exclusive gaming mode is available in this window for players. This feature allows gamers to get the benefit of integrated optimization. In Windows 10, you will get several options to make adjustments. Buy used computer lots for sale and install windows 10 to play games.

Tap Windows Key and I, type “Game Mode” and hit control gaming mode to optimize your PC. Remember, this mode can suspend updates of Windows. Your computer will try to use all the resources for the optimal frame rate.

used computer lots for sale, How to Enjoy the Ultimate Gaming Experience on Computer?

Disable Algorithm of Nagle

Algorithm of Nagle bundles data packets for a smooth internet connection. If this algorithm is activated on your PC, it can increase latency issues during online gaming. Make sure to disable this option on your computer. By disabling this option, it is possible to improve your gaming performance.

In your used computer lots for saleyou can find a suitable gaming computer. Edit its Windows Registry: Start – type regedit – Regedit. Carefully tread it while fiddling with the Registry of Windows. You have to copy and paste this path in the address bar.


After typing this address, you can access DhcpIPAddress folder. Verify your IP address in Windows Key + X – Windows PowerShell and type ipconfig. Check for IPv4 address in your connection and open the corresponding folders. By right-clicking on this folder, you can choose New – DWORD (32-bit) Value.

For your used computer lots for saleyou have to create double DWORD values: TcpAckFrequently and TCPNoDeplay. After creating these values, double-click on every value and set it to 1 parameter. In this process, you can activate two parameters and disable the Algorithm of Nagle. In case of any issue, set the value of these parameters to 0. Everything will be disabled.

Disable Automatic Restart and Updates

Remember, Windows 10 can automatically update your operating system and schedule necessary restarts. Windows will not get your permission for this process. In this situation, you have to disable automatic updates. It will help you to save your games and decrease the chances of an auto restart.

If you want to disable updates in used computer lots for saleaccess update settings. For instance, Windows Key + I – Update & Security – Windows Update – Advanced Options – Update Options. In these settings, you can disable automatic updates forever. The Windows may send you reminders for updates. Feel free to choose them as per your convenience. It will not affect your game.

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