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Go for the iPad Air First Generation Model

, Go for the iPad Air First Generation Modeldsadmin July 21, 2016
, Go for the iPad Air First Generation Model

The original iPad Air is a perfect example to show Apple Inc’s changing approach towards tablets. iPad Air is 43 percent thinner and 28 percent lighter when compared to other iPad models, and these features make the gadget much easy to handle.

Many of the designing ideas of iPad Air were adopted from IPad mini 2; the device even has the similar back design, with thinner bezel and incredible speakers at the base of the model. Opting for iPad Air is not a bad choice at all, because it offers you incredible quality and experience. Below, you will find a couple reasons why you should go for the iPad Air first generation model when you plan to buy iPads in bulk.

Better Performance

In addition to the incredible display, that iPad Air offers, the latest innovative technology implemented within the device ensures that power is not drawn heavily when you use it. Hence, it extends the battery life and reduces heating to give you what everyone craves for – an improved performance for advanced use.

The upgrade to iOS 8 has boosted the performance of the device, and enabled it to run at an unbelievable speed. The interface is simple and easy to use; there is also a notification bar to check the recent updates, which can be accessed by moving your finger from the top of the screen, downwards. Other added benefits of iOS 8 are keyboard extensions and a more efficient Siri voice recognition feature.

Camera and Battery Life

Apple has maintained the 5 MP iSight camera in the iPad Air model as well, which offers a decent back light illumination and a satisfactory low light performance. Surprisingly, the features such as filter options and the ability to transform to Slo-Mo camera is absent here.

The estimated battery life is approximately 10 hours, even if you watch videos, hear some music, or surf around the web using Wi-Fi. However, some critics say that the battery drains during advanced use, like gaming or Face Timing, and drops up to 2 percent every 10 minutes. So overall, iPad Air guarantees a minimum of 9-hour battery life.

The launch of iPad Air 2 has not affected the production of the iPad Air and yes, the product can still be purchased from the market. On the bright side, it is the right time to buy iPad Air now, as the price of the original model has dropped due to the release of its successor.

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