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How android 10 allows you to record screen with built-in features?

dsadmin December 23, 2019

Feel free to buy the 7 inch android tablet with an affordable price. An android 10 permits you to record screen with built-in features. Fortunately, android 10 is available with unique features to record screen. This feature is built-in for android 10 users. You can get this in beta versions of android 10.

Remember, it can be dangerous for you to download a third-party app. The primary function of these apps is to record everything on your display. A malicious developer can exploit your data for his/her benefits. For this reason, android 10 has built-in screen recording. This integrated feature allows you to record the screen of your 7 inch android tablet.

It is possible to share the recordings of your screen. This feature is sufficient to meet your needs. You can record, pause and stop recording and save. Feel free to share it with other people. It offers numerous unique settings that make this tool a straight forward choice for everyone. See these instructions to record screen with a built-in feature of the operating system. 

Activate Developer Options

Remember, screen record is by default disabled. You have to enable it manually. Make sure to unhide “Developer Options” in the menu. Open the Settings app and pick “About phone” and click tap on “Build number” at the base for almost seven times. It will prompt you to enter password, gesture or PIN of your lock screen. 

Once you return to a previous page, you will become a developer. It is time to return to system settings and select “Advanced” to reveal extra options. You can see developer options to make necessary changes.

7 inch android tablet

Activate Screen Recorder

In Developer menu options, choose “Feature flags” in the Debugging section. You can find settings_screenrecord_long_press, and press it. After activating this option, it is possible to use a built-in screen recorder. With the long-press record button, you can access the menu and long-press a screenshot button. 

You have to press until a popup menu button appears for recording. Remember, a warning will appear claiming that this program can capture everything on display. Pick “Start Now”. A notification may appear tilted screen recording with available options to record, stop, pause and share. You can easily cancel the recording. Users can evaluate notifications any time by pulling a tray down from its top. 

Once you hit “stop”, the recorded video will be automatically saved to the default gallery. You can find it in a folder named “Captures”. Once notification states “the video was saved”, you can delete or share this video. Feel free to take a screenshot during recording. It can break screen recording. 

Remember, the quality of the video can be different in each device. For instance, the video quality of the tablet may be better than its previous models. Make sure to buy a device with android 10 to use this feature.

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