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How can you customize icons on Windows 10!

computer screen, How can you customize icons on Windows 10!dsadmin May 20, 2021
computer screen, How can you customize icons on Windows 10!

Today we will tell you about the important issue that is faced by many windows lovers to this date. The problem that we will talk about is the customization of windows ten icons. Well, we would not state ii as the customization of windows ten because you can use the same method and procedure that we will tell you about today in other previous versions of windows too. 

How to customize the icons on windows?

Now we will tell you about the complete step by step guide you can use to change and customize the icons on your computer simply!

  1. To change the icon type or to customize the icon on your desktop then you must first of all click on the icon that you need to customize. Don’t click on the icon with the left-click or you will end up opening it rather you must press the right click on your mouse!
  2. Clicking the icon will give you a menu on the side of it which will give you options like open, explore, secure, rename, and you will also find an option with all of these other options named as properties!
  3. Click on the properties on the icon of the application, and you will see that a new window will popup. In this new window, you will see a lot of information about the application and its usage but if you look into the general-custom properties of the icon you will see an option that says change icon or customize icon!
  4. You must click on this option of customize icon and see for the options that it offers, and there are different editing and customization options for different applications.
  5. You will see that the change of icon will give you a complete of the new look of icons, you will love the diversity that is available, especially for browsing applications. You can choose any icon that you want to put on your desktop display and not only that you can also change the colors of it and adjust it with your own preference!
  6. You can also change the type of the icon, that means you can change it from a graphic form to a textual format. You can also rename the tool with the said setting bar. 
  7. If you don’t find these options, then in windows ten especially you can find change desktop icon option in the system settings of your computer. You can look for system settings, then apps and customizations and from there on the right side of the page you will see that it will give you the option of changing desktop icons. You can click on it and follow the above steps again!

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