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How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

Samsung Smartphones, How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?dsadmin March 29, 2021
Samsung Smartphones, How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

Nowadays, smartphones have become essential for communication. You can send and receive text messages. Sometimes, text messages become annoying; therefore, you have to block them.

Blocking text messages on your Samsung Galaxy phone can be an easy process. You can use the internal settings of your mobile or use a third-party app. Method of blocking text messages may vary. Make sure to report threatening, obscene and abusive text messages to authorities. Here are some tips to block text messages of Samsung Galaxy phones.

Block Messages in Devices

To directly block text messages from your Samsung devices, you can use two options. Add a phone number that you want to block to a contact list and open this contact. Click on the Menu key and choose “put in reject list”. 

Another option to block text messages is spam folder. Tap on menu key and choose “put in spam numbers”. Feel free to use the same screen to undone these settings. It is possible to manage and add numbers to an auto-reject list. Click on the menu button to check out call settings. Feel free to put numbers in call rejection lists.

Samsung Smartphones, How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

Use Third-Party Apps

Numerous apps are available for Samsung Galaxy to block unwanted numbers. You can block them from texting or calling on your mobile numbers. A few third-party apps are Mr. Number, Phone Warrior, Truecaller, Sriseshaa to Block Call and SMS and AA to Blacklist. If you want to install these apps in your new tablet, feel free to choose compatible versions. 

Service Providers

To block calls and text messages, you can ask your service provider for help. Numerous free and standard blocks are available by mobile carriers. If you want to purchase extra features, you have to pay some money. Some service providers offer free services to block text messages or calls. Check with your service provider for available options.

Samsung Smartphones, How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Smartphones?

Avoid Possible Issues

If you are suspicious about a number, you can take some essential precautions. Avoid responding to suspicious text messages. It will help you to save money of monthly subscription. 

Google Hangouts to Block Spam Texts

It is possible to block a person individually on your online messaging apps. For instance, Google Hangouts allow you to block text messages of a person. See these steps:

  • Open hangouts on your Samsung Galaxy phone.
  • Open conversation and SMS threat of a suspicious contact that you want to block.
  • Click on a 3-dot menu icon in the right corner of the screen.
  • Tap “People & Options” and go to the next screen. Tap on the name and click “block”.

With these instructions, it is possible to block text messages of a suspicious person.

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