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iOS 11 Brings 4K HDR Movies to iPad Pro

ipad pro, iOS 11 Brings 4K HDR Movies to iPad Prodsadmin September 29, 2017
ipad pro, iOS 11 Brings 4K HDR Movies to iPad Pro

Apple recently started to roll out 4K HDR movies on iTunes for their users. This announcement came a few days before the launch of their new 4K-capable Apple TV. The good thing is that iPad Pro tablet users will not have to wait for the Apple’s set-top box because there is a way for them to access and watch the 4K HDR contents on their tablet.

However, the issue is that this trick seems to work only for users who are using the 2017 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro tablet models. In addition to that, users will also have to upgrade their iPad to the latest available public beta version of iOS 11 in order to enjoy this feature.

If you are an iPad user who fits the above-mentioned descriptions, then go to the Settings menu of your iPad and then tap on the Download HDR Videos under the Video option. It is crucial to note that the purchased 4K movies will not be downloaded to your iPad in 4K resolution but they will be in full HD 1080p resolution. Still, the downloaded movies will have the exact same contrast and HDR color of 4K movies.

The quality of HDR movies on Apple’s new iPad Pro models is exceptional. However, users who use this truck to watch HDR movies on old iPad Pro models will be disappointed. This is because only the 2017 models of Pad Pro have a display, which natively supports HDR video contents.

Some of the movies rolled out by Apple contain “Dolby Vision” and “4K” tags in order to notify the users that these movies have been upgraded to a superior format. There were only a few titles with 4K tags and some of them were the recently released musical blockbuster, “La La Land” and the critically acclaimed “Wonder Woman”. In addition to that, Keanu Reeves’s sleeper hit action movie, “John Wick” was also made available to iPad users in 4K HDR resolution.

iPad, iPod touch, and iPad users can check whether their favorite movies have been upgraded or not by simply browsing through iTunes on their devices. However, the iTunes app for PC is not yet displaying the 4K HDR films that users can access and watch, but desktop computers users can expect it very shortly.

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