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IPad Mini 1 Vs IPad Mini 2 – Which One Should You Buy?

, IPad Mini 1 Vs IPad Mini 2 – Which One Should You Buy?dsadmin July 21, 2016
, IPad Mini 1 Vs IPad Mini 2 – Which One Should You Buy?

Now that Apple has launched the next generation of the iPad Mini, namely iPad Mini 2, users might get confused about the features and changes in the latest model. Though the latest iPad Mini offers an awesome Retina screen and a much faster processor, you need to spend a little more to get this tablet than what you would need for buying its predecessor model. That might not be alluring to those who are looking to buy wholesale tablets; but what if the features and options in the newer model do come handy for your actual requirements. So let us consider three prime features of both the iPad Mini models, so that you can invest more wisely on the one you need.


Usually, Apple keeps the pricing for its products the same while releasing a new model. However, the iPad Mini 2 model costs $319, which is fifty dollars more than the iPad Mini. Yet again, iPad Mini 16 GB comes with a slight price drop, and is available at $249. The iPad Mini is also offered by dealers who sell tablets at wholesale prices.

Screen Size

The screen size of iPad Mini 2 is the same as that of original iPad Mini, which is 7.9 inches. The screen also features LED backlight and IPS panel as that spotted in its predecessor. Nevertheless, the change is in resolution of the screen here, which has been upgraded to Retina quality. The pixel density of iPad Mini 2 is doubled and the number of pixels is four times that of original iPad Mini.


The iPad Mini second generation has the same chip as the iPad Air, and this makes the device more powerful than its predecessor model. The processor is 64-bit, making it more future proof than the original iPad Mini. The latest device also features an M7 motion co-processor that helps to improve its battery life, while making use of activity tracking or fitness monitoring apps.

Most expert reviews say that iPad Mini 2 is much faster than its predecessor is. Which is why this will be your best bet if you were planning to use the tablet for complex computing and processing tasks.

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