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Learn how to use a graphics tablet and pen

android tablet 9 inch 16gb, Learn how to use a graphics tablet and pendsadmin September 19, 2019
android tablet 9 inch 16gb, Learn how to use a graphics tablet and pen

Do you have a new tablet for graphic design? Is it difficult for you to use the pen? Do you need a mouse with your android tablet 9 inch 16gb? You are not alone because several people find it challenging to use a pen with their tablet. They may find it unnatural to use a pen on a computer. 

With a graphics tablet and pen, you have to look at the screen. It may be disconcerting initially. Consistent practice and use can make your life easy. You may need some time to learn and use the graphics software. Remember, a pen has numerous benefits over a mouse.

Instead of grabbing a mouse, try to learn the use of the graphical pen. Play with it in leisure hours. Experiment with different settings. Remember, the learning process may take some time. It is not difficult to use a pen and graphics tablet.

Tips to Use Your Graphics Tablet

  • You should not switch to a graphics tablet before a critical deadline. If you have the pressure of deadlines, don’t use a pen with android tablet 9 inch 16gb. You must have sufficient time to learn and deal with this new tool.
  • Practice using a tablet and pen with its default settings. It will help you to get basic knowledge. Configure tablet and pen settings, including button function and sensitivity. Experiment with different options for practice. Make sure to have time to work in different contexts. 
  • With your pen, you can navigate the desktop. Practice closing and opening windows, right-clicking on several items and dragging and clicking. The android tablet 9 inch 16gb can make you an expert with consistent practice.
  • Use your tablet and pen to play games. It will be a fun way of dragging and clicking under minimum stress. Open text documents in word processing programs. Try to use a pen to highlight words, paragraphs, and characters. Change their position in the document. With these practices, you will become comfortable with precise movements. 
  • Open a graphics program in an android tablet 9 inch 16gb and practice writing your name. Feel free to draw shapes. For practice, you can trace an outline of clip arts in graphics software. Keep tracing on different elements. Use masking tools to choose different portions of an image. Various tools will help you to manipulate a photo. This practice is good for learning and fun.
  • Draw a blank image in graphics software. Feel free to draw a new picture with your tablet and pen. Use different pencils, brushes, and pens to mimic the original drawing.
  • With android tablet 9 inch 16gb, you can practice a regular warm-up. Write your name and play quick games before beginning work. Continue this practice until you become comfortable with a tablet and pen. Stay away from your mouse if you want to learn the uses of a graphics tablet. This practice allows you to enjoy additional benefits.

Several tablets come with software to create and draw images. Try to find special software that is easy and fun to use with your tablet. Practice writing and drawing with your stylus to make your life easy.

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