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By now, all of us are familiar with the increasing use of tablets by our grandparents. Today, you might see your grandfather or grandmother using an Nvidia shield tablet

It seems as though our generation has underestimated the elderly. However, if we think about it, the increased use of smart devices like a tablet by senior citizens makes complete sense.

Facts about Seniors Citizens and Technology

  • Roughly 82% of the people who are 60 years old or more are now internet users! 
  • About 27% of the Americans who belong to this age group have a tablet.
  • About 67% of Americans with the age of 65 and over say that they use the internet regularly. 
  • Approximately 70% of these people said that they have at least one social media account and they check it regularly!

A tablet can do it all. It is an Nvidia, sleek, and most importantly, not very costly!

The Best Option – NvidiaShield Tablet

This tablet is probably the one you should consider for your grandparents. Among other things, it has a wide 8-inch display with 32GB storage. It runs on Android, and the best thing about it? It comes at a price of only $200!

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Other Easy To Use Tablets 

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

It runs on the Microsoft Windows 10 and is fairly user-friendly. This option is the best device that Microsoft has to offer to this age group.Nvidia shield tablet, Best Easy To Use Tablets for Your Grandparents

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 

It is still one of the most popular tablets among all the generations. Although, not as user-friendly as the Nvidia shield tablet, it has several good features that can go well with senior citizens.

Apple iPad Mini

It is one of the most innovative tablets in the world. It has many versions available. However, the best recommendation for this age group would be the iPad mini. It is fairly sized, and its price is easy on your pockets too!

Kindle Fire Tablet 7

It all comes down to the usability, which makes a device stand out for a particular target market. The Nvidia shield tablet performs as good as it looks on the paper. Nevertheless, this device, the Kindle Fire, deserves mention here because it is the best device for e-reading in the market. Most older people use their tablet for reading. It has an impressive 7-inch screen to go with its sleek look.

Smart devices aim at making the life of the customers as easy as possible. The elderly need nothing more than to get things done with the minimum amount of effort.

Do not be surprised to see more devices like the Nvidia shield tablet manufactured and used by this group of people. You can now connect with your grandparents on a new level, how cool is that?

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