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How to Replace the Battery of a Surface Book?

Samsung Galaxy tablets, How to Replace the Battery of a Surface Book?dsadmin October 28, 2019
Samsung Galaxy tablets, How to Replace the Battery of a Surface Book?

A surface book is a newly designed gadget that is manufactured by Microsoft. The surface book works as a 2 in 1 gadget, which makes its demand higher than other gadgets.

The surface book is different than a laptop. The surface book has more pixels and high resolution that ensures high quality. The surface book accessories include a surface pen, surface stylus and a surface dial, which is not present in case of having a laptop.

If you compare the surface book with the other surface gadgets, then you will find that the surface book has a full-sized screen and the keyboard that can be easily detached. The keyboard of the surface book is unique to the Samsung Galaxy tablets. The surface book’s keyboard has its own battery that can be replaced when required.

Detach The Display:

The first step of replacing the keyboard battery is to detach the display. We will do this step with a small procedure. Switch off your surface book and then go ahead. You need to heat the display in order to soften the glue that attaches the display and secure it. The heat can be provided by the iOpener. The iOpener does exactly the same work.

With the use of iSclack or any other suction cup with less power just pull off the display screen from the corner. As the display will get detached from the corner, immediately insert an opener in it just to avoid its closure again. It is suggested that you handle your surface book or Samsung Galaxy tablets gently and with little force; otherwise, you can damage it.

The glass of the display can be damaged or broken, if you mishandle it or exert too much pressure on it. The other possibility is the hardening of the glue, which then does not let the display to detach. After inserting the opener, separate the display with the help of this and raise it carefully. Complete detachment in the case once all the cables have been disconnected.

Samsung Galaxy tablets, How to Replace the Battery of a Surface Book?

Remove The Ribbons:

Two main ribbons are present under the display that need to be detached. The ribbons are placed in a circular position, remove them one by one. Start from the very right side ribbon.  Use tweezers to firmly grip and pull the metal bracket that is exposed at the end of the right side ribbon.

The Samsung Galaxy tablets do not have the detachable keyboard and its battery replacement like the surface book. After removing one ribbon, remove the other one with the help of the same procedure.

There are 18 screws present on it that secures the little detailing of the surface book. Remove all these with the help of a T3 Torx driver. Enable the connection of the ribbons from the charging slot. Make use of a spudger and gently remove the black strip of plastic underneath which ribbon is existing, and remove it.

Remove The Motherboard:

The last step of the battery replacement in the surface book is to remove the motherboard. The motherboard is the hardware that contains all the components of the Samsung Galaxy tablets on it. Deal with the motherboard very carefully as little force or mishandling can lead to huge damage to your device. Pull the motherboard out with spudger, and you will see the battery underneath.

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