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Replacing Broken iPad Air 2 Screen

wholeale tablets, ipads, Replacing Broken iPad Air 2 Screendsadmin June 16, 2017
wholeale tablets, ipads, Replacing Broken iPad Air 2 Screen

What should you do if you accidentally shattered the screen of the iPad Air 2 that you recently bought from wholesale tablets store? iPad Air 2 is a real thin model from Apple, meaning that there is not much room left for the inner parts, and as the device features a 9.7-inch display, the most possible damage can be a broken screen.

Of course, you can get the screen replaced from Apple but it will cost you a whopping 379 dollars. The steps that are discussed below will help you replace the broken screen of your iPad Air 2 easily, but make sure to buy the original iPad Air 2 screen and digitizer for that.


  • If you find that the screen of the iPad Air 2 is shattered badly, you will need to cover it with transparent adhesive tape to prevent further damage to the screen and to avoid injuries from shattered glass.
  • The next thing is to heat the screen edges for about three minutes. This is to melt the adhesive. Once you find that the adhesive is loose, try prying up the screen with a suction cup. You need to do this carefully, as there are many delicate components under the screen of the device. Take care not to damage these components.
  • While prying the display up, make sure you avoid the areas like the front facing camera, display cables, and the antenna. You can place a suction cup on the heated side and use it to take the display out.
  • Hold the iPad down and pull up the suction cup to separate the front panel from the rear case of the device. You may place a piece of cardboard or plastic as an opening pick in the gap that you have made.
  • Insert a prying tool alongside the opening pick and slide the tool along the edges of the device to release adhesive and free the display assembly. Once you see that the display assembly is free, flip it like a book page and set it on a soft and clean surface.
  • Now you can remove the three 1.4 mm Philips screws used to secure the display cable bracket and pry it up from the main board. Remove the shattered LCD screen and replace it with the new one that you have bought from Wholesale Tablets.