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Surface Pro 5 Spec Leaks Suggest Inclusion of eSIM

, Surface Pro 5 Spec Leaks Suggest Inclusion of eSIMdsadmin December 26, 2016
, Surface Pro 5 Spec Leaks Suggest Inclusion of eSIM

Rumors about the Surface Pro 5 tablet are surprisingly light, but some reliable sources say that the successor of Surface Pro 4 will be supporting eSIM for the assumed released by March 2017.

The story says that Microsoft has partnered with Transatel, which is a global mobile provider and that they will be selling eSIM packages on Microsoft Store. The interesting part is that some specific devices should support eSIM for the plans to be successful. Yet we all know that neither Surface Pro 4 nor Surface Book has the hardware to support eSIM.

An article published on the German Microsoft blog, Dr. Windows, which is a premier tech outlet known to have insider connections, suggests that “Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2 will have an eSIM, provided that my (in the past accurate) source is correct.”

eSIM could have on mobile contracts. The purpose of eSIM is to standardize the SIM cards that are used in mobile devices based on the hardware of the device. This means that in the long-term, this unity will offer users freedom, flexibility, and less obligations while selecting a data provider.

For a Surface Pro 5 device, the advantages would be twofold. First, it allows to have internet connection without the need to tether to a hotspot. Secondly, eSIM will make international travel easier.

As the eSIM cards are universal, users will not have to buy a new SIM while spending time overseas. Moreover, roaming charges would be avoided between two plans, as eSIM is capable of automatically switching to the plan in the country where the user is.

It is true that these advantages may not be useful for an average tablet user, but it could be a big boon for the business professionals who travel a lot. Not to mention the additional advantages of using a Microsoft Surface tablet for business needs.

Apart from that, it is also rumored that the device will include Intel Kaby Lake CPU together with features like USB-C. It is also assumed that the Redstone 2 update launch will be delayed so that the update could support “the next wave of Windows 10 devices.” The next wave of Windows 10 devices could be the new Surface Pro 5 tablet. However, we will have to wait to know if the rumors are correct.

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