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Troubleshooting Commonly Occurring Issues in Nexus 7 Tablet

dsadmin July 27, 2017

Nexus 7 is Google’s incredible tablet offering features such as an excellent display, fast processing speed, and powerful RAM. Google also released an updated version in 2013 with many improvements to the original model. This updated version along with the original model is available on many wholesale tablets sites. However, the Nexus 7 tablet suffered from numerous issues like many other tablets. Below are some troubleshooting methods for resolving commonly occurring issues in the Nexus 7 tablet.

SIM Card Not Recognized

Most Nexus 7 users have reported an issue with the device such as unrecognizable SIM card. The following are some ways to resolve this issue in Nexus 7 tablets.

  • Select Airplane Mode in the Notifications tab and turn it off immediately. This will initiate a restart of the network that can possibly solve the issue.
  • Verify the Access Point Name settings by going to Settings > Wireless and Networks > More > Mobile Networks and checking the credentials under Access Point Names are correct according to those your ISP had provided.
  • Turn off the Nexus 7 device and remove the SIM card. Clean the SIM card and tray, reinsert it, and turn on the device.

Occasional Reboots

Many users have reported this issue of occasional reboots in their Nexus 7 tablet. The following are some ways to resolve this issue.

  • Perform a system update of the device by going to Settings > About Tablet and then verify the version of the Android. Select System Updates to find out if any updates are available.
  • Factory reset the device by going to Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Reset Tablet. Enter the PIN or pattern when prompted and select the Erase Everything
  • Update all the apps installed on the device by going to the Play Store and choosing the My Apps Select the Update All option at the top for updating all the apps.

GPS Not Working

Most Nexus 7 users report issues with the GPS. This issue occurs when more than one app is used for connecting to the GPS. Some methods to resolve this issue are as follows.

  • Perform a system update of the device by going into Settings > About Tablet > System Updates. Moreover, make sure all the installed apps are updated by going to Settings > My Apps > Update All.
  • Try rebooting the device by holding the Power This will possibly resolve any issues with the GPS.