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What is Google Keep, and how it works?

Google keep, What is Google Keep, and how it works?dsadmin December 25, 2019
Google keep, What is Google Keep, and how it works?

Take advantage of “Google Keep.” It is a simple and easy note-taking app by Google. This app is available on the web and has mobile apps for iOS and android operating systems. Users can adjust reminders and extract text from images with optical character recognition. Moreover, it is possible to transcribe voice recordings. Its interface is user-friendly with multi-column and single-column view. Here are some ways to use Google Keep:

Take Notes

If you want to access Google Keep, you will need an app available for android tablets and iOS devices. Feel free to download extension for a chrome browser. It is a built-in feature in Gmail. Add notes by tapping on Yellow icon on the right-hand toolbar.

You can record voice notes by tapping on the microphone icon in the chrome app. Use the same principle to take notes on mobile devices. Every voice note will be transcribed automatically once you speak. You can search for this note easily with your voice.

Google keep, What is Google Keep, and how it works?

Collaborate with Coworkers

It is easy to add collaborators to notes to easily and quickly get them in a loop about your project. They will get complete instructions about action items. Moreover, completed items in the checklist keep everyone updated on the progress. 

You have to add their email address and name or create a Google group. It is possible to remove collaborators as per your convenience. You can transform notes on Google Docs through the send feature.

Set Reminders

It is possible to add reminders to every note and schedule a repeat if necessary. Once you enter a particular location, you will have a pop up by hitting “Remind Me”. A time-sensitive note will be displayed on Google calendar. You can get the advantage of cross-device compatibility.

Get Rid of Plain Text

Add photos (choose from current albums or take one), drawings (can be layered over photos), checkboxes and recordings. There is no need to worry about images with text because you can copy this text at the base of notes.

Items are hidden automatically once you check every checkbox by tapping on a corresponding box. It is possible to archive or delete a note as per your convenience.

Organize Things like a Professional

In Google Keep, users can view their notes in the form of a list. You can organize notes in chronological order or a grid form. Feel free to drop and drag individual notes to re-prioritize or re-order as per your needs. You can use color-coding that allows you to differentiate between notes and scan notes. Users can use archiving and pinning labels.

Google Keep permits you to create lists and organize everything. For instance, the app will give you suggestions to write grocery lists. You can create a new list and take notes. Keep users can use numerous customization options without an overwhelming experience.

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