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Windows Tablets— Pros and Cons to Using for Beginners

buy a 7 inch Android tablet, Windows Tablets— Pros and Cons to Using for Beginnersdsadmin October 9, 2019
buy a 7 inch Android tablet, Windows Tablets— Pros and Cons to Using for Beginners

There was a time when there were only two options in choosing your tablets, Android, and iOS. Now you can buy an Android tablet, an iPad, and well as window tablet and many more. Windows operating system was not the popular in the beginning of the tablet wars, but as time has moved on, they have listened and used that information to create a easy to use platform. There are multiple tablets on the market that are installed with Windows as their operating system. It has amazing software and an great option to choose for your tablet. But before deciding whether you want Windows or not you need to know some of the pros and cons of Windows tablets. 

Pros of a Windows Tablet 

There are multiple pros of using Windows tablets, but we have tried to come up with the top most honest pros of the Windows operating system. After reading this you might be convinced to buy a 7 inch Android tablet or Window tablet for yourself use. 

buy a 7 inch Android tablet, Windows Tablets— Pros and Cons to Using for Beginners

Full desktop experience 

Android and Window software are fully designed for a complete desktop experience. They are created to be user friendly, and they go well with work based or entertainment purpose. When you want the best tablet, that lets you work and get entertained at the same time then Window tablets are a must use. Both Window and Android tablets have a tablet and desktop interface all under a single operating system. If your work requires a more productivity designed interface to get your job done then you can also buy a 7” Android tablet or a Windows tablet. 

Seamless workflow 

Probably the coolest component of Windows is the ability to start something with one gadget and pick right where you left off on another, all by utilizing your Microsoft Account and the cloud. This makes any workplace a lot less difficult and will build your efficiency as you will invest less energy moving records around and forcing them to work in various applications.

Cons of windows 

Like everything, Window also has a few cons that might change your final decision.

The price 

Price is the first con of Windows tablets. The tablets are installed with windows operating system are comparatively much pricier than the other similar software. The tablets require a lot of power as well require some maintenance from time to time. 

Viruses and malware 

If you use a Window tablet, you might get viruses and malware in it more easily. When a full version of Windows is being used, your tablet will be attacked by a virus or malware somewhat regularly. Because of this major con, we recommend you to buy the 7” Android tablet and avoid this issue.

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